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Surgical Patients

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Knowing what will happen on the day of an expected surgery can help you to be prepared. If you are a surgical patient under the care of an orthopedic surgeon at Orthopedic Specialists of South Florida, you will want to find out what to bring to the hospital, how to prepare, and when to show up. Call your doctor if you have questions specific to your surgery.

Arrive Early

Being late for your surgery could mean having to reschedule the procedure, wasting time and resources. There may be some waiting before the procedure so it's a good idea to bring a book or magazine to read.

Do Not Eat or Drink

The length of time to not eat or drink will vary depending on the surgical procedure. The reason for not eating is primarily due to the anesthesia that can cause nausea and vomiting if the stomach is not empty.

Your primary care doctor may ask you to take your regular medications with a sip of water in the morning. It is also important that you review with your Miami-Dade orthopedic surgeon whether or not you should take any medications he has prescribed.

Pack Light

Your belongings should be limited. It is best to start with less and have someone bring more later if needed. A bag of toiletries and some loose comfortable clothes is a good start. Leave all valuables at home, including cell phones, laptops, cash, and jewelry.

Bring any hospital documents and current medications

Come to the hospital with your insurance information and any documents your doctor has given to you. Also, have your current medications, in their original containers, with you. Do not copy the medication information separately as it is best for the doctor to have all the information printed from the pharmacist.

What to Expect

Exactly what will happen in your case will vary depending on the procedure being performed. Feel free to talk with your Miami-Dade orthopedic surgeon or one of our patient service representatives for more in-depth information about your surgery.

What to Take with You to the SurgiCare Center or Hospital

  • Medications - in original containers
  • Recent X-rays, MRIs, or other scan you have had done
  • Any crutches, braces, or other devices needed after surgery
  • Insurance documentation
  • Documents requiring your doctor's signature
  • Identification

To find out more about how you can benefit from orthopedic surgery from an Orthopedic Surgeon at our medical center, contact one of our medical staff today.