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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

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Physical therapy plays an integral role in recovery following a variety of orthopedic injuries and surgeries. Our physical therapists develop individualized treatment programs that combine pain management, treatment, and preventative measures. The main emphasis of physical therapy for orthopedic related conditions is to regain function, mobility, strength and coordination. Your physical therapist will work closely with your physician to develop a treatment plan that will help you achieve the best outcome possible which will allow you to resume your daily living and work activities. Frequently our physical therapists will assess the patient's need for assistive devices to enhance their recovery process.

Miami Dade and Broward Counties

A well-rounded and comprehensive rehabilitation program may contain many contributing parts. Each program will be flexible in order to address and to adjust to your changing needs. Strengthening as well as stretching exercises, heat, cold, ultrasound, and electricity are common tools in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

We look forward to helping you get started on a treatment plan as well as the physical therapy and rehabilitation program that can help you return to normal, day-to-day activities.

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