Fractures & Pain Orthopedic Specialists of South Florida


Whether you have a complete or a partial fracture, you have a broken bone. A bone may be fractured, completely or partially, and in any number of ways- cross-wise, lengthwise, in the middle.

Common causes of fractures include trauma, osteoporosis, and overuse.If you suspect you fractured a bone, see an urgent care center for immediate care.

In a closed or simple fracture, the bone is broken, but the skin in not lacerated. Open or compound fractures occur when the skin is pieced or cut, either by the broken bone, or by the event that caused the broken bone. Transverse fractures are at a right angle to the long axis of the bone. Fractures on one side of the bone, causing a bend in the other side, are referred to as greenstick fractures, and comminuted fractures result in three or more bone fragments.